How Do I Stop Receiving Friend Request on Facebook

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How Do i Stop Sending a Friend Request on Facebook

Facebook, a social networking site, is a powerful tool for any small business. Customers, employees and customers can send requests to your personal friends on Facebook. If they confirm you as a friend, they can see your status updates, view your photos and browse your Facebook personal page completely. By default, you do not know whether someone can send a friend request to Facebook or not. If you accept friend requests from people you do not know, change your Facebook privacy settings. Although you can not block requests from friends completely, you can prevent them from sending them to most of the Facebook user base.

This Article Help This Stop a Friend Request From being Sent on Facebook and also help this Article post Stop Getting Friend Request on Facebook And under and working Under 3 Links Method:

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How To Stop a Friend Request From being Sent on Facebook

Step to Step follow this guide and Stop Receiving Friend Requests on Facebook:-

Step 1: Go to Facebook. Log in Your Account

Step 2: See the Top Right Corner And  Click the Drop down arrow> Click Setting

Step 3: Click the Privacy in the left hand side column.

Step 4: See now: Who can contact me> Who can send you friend requests? And Click Edit

Step 5: Make Sure Select an Audience from the drop-down menu. Friends of Friends

 Step 6: Enjoy All Done.

Note: Friend of Friends will be able to send you friend Request and nobody else can send you.

How Can i Stop a Friend Request on Facebook Mobile?

Setting -> Privacy -> Who can send you friend requests?: select option Friends of Friends.


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