Turn Off Automatic Updates in Windows 7

How do I turn off Windows updates?

Turn off automatic updates windows 7 Today i will show you how to stop automatic updates windows your computer. Some pepole are using low data internet pack. You are in update windows over then data and lost your money,and also painned automatic restart your computer and you are borring feel.

To be clear, they aren’t automatically updates Windows 7, but they are downloading the entire updates, which is at least 3 Gbdata and more than data over , which takes up a lot of drive space, and also wastes your network bandwidth. For people who don’t have unlimited bandwidth, this can seriously cost you a lot of money.

Stop and Disable Windows 7 Automatic Updates

automatically download and install updates of all kind, both important security patches as well as not-as-important non-security updates, like feature improvements and minor bugs. disables Windows Update completely in Windows  7, or Vista. When you choose this, Windows Update won’t even check with Microsoft to see if important security patches are available.

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Method 1:-Turn off automatic updates windows 7?

1. Click the Start button – > Control Panel to quickly open Control Panel.

2. Click the System and Security.

3. Click on Turn automatic updating on or off.

4. Select the Never check for updates (not recommended). Then click Ok to save changes. Then you can see it pop up a message saying Windows update is turned off.


Method 2:- Turn off automatic updates windows 7?

1. Click on Start button > Run

2. Type now services.msc

3 Find Windows Update, right click it and select Properties

4. Select Startup Type Disabled from the drop-down box. And click the Apply button to save changes.

In the window that opens, Find or look for the Windows Update entry in the the right pane. Double click on Windows Update. In the window that opens, click the Stop service option, and then set the startup type as Disabled: Click on OK to validate. Then you can completely turn off automatic updates on Windows 7.

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We hope this article very helpful forTurn off or Stop and Disable Windows 7 Automatic Updates please leave it comments

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