Wikiweb app makes wasting time on Wikipedia even easier

Available now through iTunes, Wikiweb lets you create a “web” of Wikipedia entries by linking related articles, instantly decreasing work productivity.

Wikipedia is a great resource for finding a quick answer to a random query, but it’s also an incredible time sink. Wikiweb, an iOS app from developer Friends of the Web, makes it even easier to waste away your day in the crowdsourced encyclopedia by not only providing the information you’re looking for, but by letting you create a “web” of related entries to let your curious mind run free.

First of all, Wikiweb iPhone app has a very easy-to-use and clear interface, which is a real relief, because many of the similar apps are just too bulky, unresponsive and heavy. The way it works is very simple: you search for something on Wikipedia, it shows you the article you found and all the related articles that it links to. You then can explore Wikipedia associatively starting from something you already know and ending up somewhere you are curious about. This is the greatest potential of network interfaces: they can transform the way we read and learn by emphasizing relationships over the actual entities and thus bringing us to a more holistic and interconnected way of seeing things.

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As described by FastCoDesign, searching for a topic will create a hexagon icon that, when tapped, will create a series of additional hexagons that represent articles that are linked within the original entry. Tapping on any of the resulting icons will expand the web even further and long tapping will bring up the Wikipedia entry. Once done planning out the rest of your free time, you can share your web via Twitter or email. Wikiweb is available now from iTunes for $4.99, in which a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation. Take a look at the following demo of the app for a preview of how you’ll spend the next hour or so.

A delightful Wikipedia reader for your iPhone and iPad that visualizes the connections between articles.

  1. Explore Wikipedia™ in the most readable and beautiful interface.
  2. Share interesting articles and how you found them with our unique sharing feature.
  3. Discover new articles through unexpected connections.
  4. Switch seamlessly between any number of 110+ supported languages.
  5. Download now Wikiweb App Click this Link
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